Top 10 Domain Name Generators

Domain Name is very important in the industry and nowadays tld’s have made it easier, however the top 4 tld‘s are very important in this world, than any other tld domains. I would suggest before buying a domain check with the dot com top level domain.

Hypens numbers are excessively imperative in a portion of the areas, so ensure utilize these Domain name generators which help you to acquire natural traffic including grammatical error spaces. I am posting top 10 domain name generators that are presently dynamic for looking through your business names.           

1. Bust a name

This was an excellent tool where it really burst a domain name related to our keyword. One can use this tool for getting the best domain name in the market. Bust a name also shows taken domains of top 5 level tld’s and recommend to you the best keyword domain, you can filter the search in so many ways either by tld or taken domains and so on.

Bust A Name

Bust A Name

2. Nameboy

Nameboy is one of the oldest domain name generator that help you  finding keywords. Enter upto two keywords that will generate domain names instantly are available for registration. You can also able to find the domains which are for resale purpose as well as rhyming keywords.



The tool is excellent if you know a keyword for your niche, then you have to find it or else will be messing with it.

3. Lean Domain Search

This tool is similar to Nameboy, but some small difference compared with the above name generator. If you know any keyword, then it is easier to find best domain that is available currently, However my suggestion is to find some good keywords that are more search-able with less competition in the market.


It filters by length and popularity of the domain keyword

Save your search results in their site.

Share your searched domains with your friends or online communities.

Search without any captcha work for available domains.

4. Name Station

Name station is not free for public and they require us to register with them an account that can be done easily by using FB or Twitter account. This tool is useful to access the following things.



Instant domain search

Keyword suggestions according to the keyword applied.

Generates a lot of domain names

Name contests will be held monthly.

5. Name Mesh

Name Mesh is totally different compared to the all of domain tools from the list and it generates domain names based on different sections. This tool is very simple just enter 2 to 3 keywords in search box and hit enter. The search results will be listed as follow:

SEO,    Similar,   New

Common,  Short Domains

Fun,  Extra,  Mix

Name Mesh

Name Mesh

After searching your keywords and domain name, make sure filter the sections to choose the right domain name. Name Mesh also suggests other keyword searches for your domain name. The filter comes like unregistered, domain extension.

6. Domains Bot

Domains Bot

Domains Bot

Domains Botis a very simple tool for domain suggestion and searching. In the past they used to provide domain registration and presently they are offering Hosting services too. Domains bot tool is great at searching for a new or available domains. When you are looking for a domain the results can be filtered by a domain tld or language or in some other method. You’ll also the suggestion of similar domain names that are available.

7. Name Stall

Name Stall provides a variety of tools for searching a domain name. The tool will help you in deep searching like filtering the domain name or keywords. Some of it main functions are as follows:

Parts of speech,  Popular Keywords Industry Categories

Name Stall

Name Stall

The main factor of this tool is to enormous creative, catchy, memorable and most important is keyword rich domains that can drive huge traffic to your site. Namestall also lists a variety of domain names according to the High Paying Keywords, brandable domain names.

8. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search tool will generate domain names in less than 100 milli-seconds, with multiple domain tlds and com quickly. This tool works great and faster for searching domain names instantly. They also list expired domain names where you can backorder if it available in future. Some of the key factors of this tool are

Domain extension,  Expired Domain Names

Domain For Sale,  Domain Name Generator,  Domain Name Availability

Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search

9. Cool Name Ideas

Cool Name Ideas tool is mainly for generating business name ideas that also shows you whether domain name is available or not. The tool is mainly for finding a good business name for you. I would suggest that you to check this tool whenever you need a great business name for your Company.

Cool Name Ideas

Cool Name Ideas

10. Domain wheel

Domain wheel is a new tool that generates great domain names based on our keywords in simple method backed by a great tool.

Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel

Domain wheel suggests the top level tlds that are available for registration with top searchable keywords. If you are still unable to find a relevant domain name then, my suggestion is to scroll down and see the related keywords that can be useful for you.

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