How to Reset WordPress Password using Phpmyadmin

There are two techniques to restore a wordpress admin password from PHPmyadmin. First method is working query within the databases as it is easier to do in a few seconds, However you must run the query properly, else might get corruption in the database.

Make sure to  back-up the full database, so if anything goes wrong you can restore the information resource from your PC or laptop.

  1. Just use the following actions and you are on the way to modify WordPress admin  password.
  2. Go to the database that is with your wordpress website.

    wordpress database
    wordpress database
  3. Now click on the Sql, so you are able to run queries.

    wp password reset
    wp password reset
  4. Copy the query from the box and replace with your new password from the query that you want to get changed.
UPDATE `wp_users` SET `user_pass`= MD5('password') WHERE `user_login`='username'

5. Once done, check by signing with details that has changed.

If you are able to sign in with the details then it is OK, else try with second technique or run query again.

Method 2

Modifying through users Table and it takes 5 to 10 minutes.

  1. Go the the WordPress Database that you want to change the admin password.

    Database from Host
    Database from Host
  2. Once you are in the Database, expand the  tables, so you locate the wordpress users Table.
Users Table
Users Table

3. Click on wordpress users table, so you find a list of usernames, if exists more else there would be an administrator account.

4. Edit the row that needs to change the password by clicking edit.

5. Once the edit box opens change the password field function into MD5 and enter your password in the box.

User Password
User Password

6. Click the Go button at the bottom and your password get modified. Once done everything, check by signing into administration panel from the login page.

  1. Password Reset
    Password Reset

This is an simplest way for modifying the wordpress admin password using Phpmyadmin. Never use plug-ins as they will create some frustrating to the website.


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    You can recover your hosting account by asking to your hosting provider. Try to recover using email method as it works in most cases.

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