Twitter: Avoid 5 mistakes with your account

We all make mistakes every time, and we have to correct them according to requirement. Most of the Bloggers and site owners always makes somewhere mistake because we were busy in developing sites and blogs. Here are some of my top 5 mistakes that should avoid when using Twitter.

1.Complete your Profile on Twitter

We always forget to fill up the Twitter profile and leaves so many blanks, but filling this profile fields bring difference. The best way is to fill all the fields and choose the name that relates to your business. Add Domain name in the website field also add any more websites in biography area. This will bring some targeted traffic to our blogs or sites.



Anonymous user profiles shows useless and people think that we are scams.

Make sure use an avatar related to your niche of sites, and even keep background image with an attractive image. If you are using your profile for a company or business purpose, then make a logo and write in that your business names. This way it will even attract to more followers and public. Those who looks new tweets, they can know easily the business names of your company from profile.

2. Quality vs Quantity Tweets

If you are tweeting continuously or sending tweets at a time will be wastage and the users who are following will also get in trouble and they are going to be un following in the future.

If you are tweeting so many at a time, also makes your account get suspended or get deleted by Twitter team, since you have to follow the rules to save your account.

Twitter allows 140 characters so using this social network we need to write good sentence so that people should click the link else our tweet will be wasted.

It’s good to shorten urls, for showing in the tweet box because we look at the bottom or else in the sentence looks bad if you were using urls, in between sentences

 3. Follow or Unfollow

Following slowly is only the way to keep your account active and increase in strength of your profile. If you are following or un following more and more this will cause suspicious and even goes to suspension of your account. The only method is to follow and un follow few every day, this makes keeps your account active also increases in followers from friend lists.

4.Retweeting our tweets

Retweet is another method of promotion for your own tweets, if you see someone retweet your tweet, then you should also tweet their useful content. This will help in future promotions of tweets.

Never ask to retweet your tweets with someone unless they are interested in retweet your tweets.

Best method is to add tweets that are in favorites and later use the tweets that you have found useful or related information for you.

5. Questions and Answers

Responding to questions that are asking somebody will be good, but don’t use auto responder because this will cause to suspension of your account.

We all like to know and make friends with human beings, but not with bots like forum spam bots, so therefore don’t use and make twitter useless. Twitter is good platform for promoting any business.

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