How to Remove Unwanted Followers on Twitter

Simple Steps that can make your Twitter account to Boost.

How to remove followers on Twitter that are not related to our niche or abusing with spam content. This is a simple method where we need to block those users so they wouldn’t see our tweets. I have been getting followers that are not at all towards my niche. I have never followed them, but still they consider to following from months over and requested them not to follow also, but they look like bots.

Here is the easiest method to unfollow Twitter followers. [Read more…]

Twitter: Avoid 5 mistakes with your account

We all make mistakes every time, and we have to correct them according to requirement. Most of the Bloggers and site owners always makes somewhere mistake because we were busy in developing sites and blogs. Here are some of my top 5 mistakes that should avoid when using Twitter. [Read more…]