(solved) cpu fan won’t spin

I’ve been getting problem with my PC from more than 25 days and always getting stuck up because of CPU fan that is not spinning properly or stopped. I never opened the box to check it and thought there might be some worms, Trojans because that has been affected.



I continued running the PC with system busy method only, but in the last I have to open the Cabinet to see the CPU Fan whether it is spinning or not. When I opened there seemed to be so much dirt in the PC that has lead to fall on the CPU fan as well, this dirt made to stop spinning, and fan has become hard to revolve even with my hand, I tried to revolve it, but it won’t rotate at all in the beginning. Later tried to spin slowly, and vice-versa, but at this stage too it is not spinning.

First cleaned the fan with brush to remove all the dirt that has made not to spin, then started to clean at the backside too.

For Oil

For Oil

I removed the back sticker of fan and there is a hole that it covers for the rod of magnetic, if you spin the fan this pin also spins, but it works slowly. I just given a 2 to 3 drops of coconut oil to this pin and started to revolve with hand for the plastic fan, slowly this made faster spinning and then inserted 2 to 3 more drops for this rod and the fan was revolving fast.

CPU Fan for oil

CPU Fan for oil

If you had the same problem, then use coconut oil where there is a pin look at the image.

When you reconnect to the PC the fan revolves slowly first and then it revolves fast. Check the copper winding of the motor that is black or red from the side of fan, if it is in black color, then it’s dead, but only in some occasions and not for all.

So never pull the propeller to see or know about this winding, just use a torch to view  the status of coil. Always clean the CPU Fan and SMPS Fan too with Air valve.



Some Important Tips before opening and after opening cabinet

Clean the CPU fan every month if it is used in shops or where the dust comes all the time, but cleaning the CPU will make faster in working for programs.

Always Remove the power main cord from the socket in order to avoid any harm.

Don’t use screw drivers or any type of pins or anything that makes shorts. This will lead to PC burn out as their is battery that will goes short.

Some mother boards shows the spinning speed of CPU fan on booting.

Drop one or two oil drops once a time to clean loosens the fan and not more than two.

Slowly remove the CPU Fan and clean slowly, don’t do gently this will damage CPU Fan.

In these days CPU Fans are cheaper, but recycling them is the best method to avoid some money too.

If you have any questions regarding this than, please post in our comment section. I will be gladly to assist to you for anything if I can.

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