Top 5 Windows Applications

There are more applications that are useful to several people, but my favorite top ten applications are listed below.

1. PC cleaner

PC cleaner is used to clean the PC and this is more different from other software, but it works on low speed and gives a report that has been crashed and it also shows the problems needs to fix. Theirs a button to press and fix those errors easily. This application also had a premium option that needs to pay money because it had more advanced options for cleaning a PC. Even though on a free version we can use and fix errors to keep the PC clean.

2. Sky Drive

Sky Drive is an Application that is useful for everyone to access files from anywhere in the world. It has more ways to upload files as Drag and drop the files anywhere in the folder.

3. Picasa



Picasa is a toolbar of Google, where we can upload images and edit them. This is a program that is useful for editing pictures on computer and stored them under categories. If you want to view pictures in beautiful manner, then this is the program for you.

4. Ftalk

Ftalk is a free for chatting with others without interrupting other web pages. If you want to chat with Facebook friends, then this is the best program to chat and work. This program also helps avoid for loading pages and images.

5. Blue Stack

Blue Stack is a computer application based on silicon valley software company that produces a large screen, whomever enjoys such type. This application is suitable for almost game players and chatters on a big screen.



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