Maximus V GENE from Asus

Asus Latest mother board has more features that aren’t available in older CPU’s. This new GENE works faster like real Genie. Take alook for the following specifications which meets for your any type of programs.

2nd / 3rd Generation of Core Intel Socket 1155 with i7 or i5 or i3 / celeron or pentium processors.
For faster CPU performance Asus has capacity upto 32 GB Ram of DDR3 with all of slots.

Integrated Graphics card Supports HDMI upto  resolution of 1920 x 1200

Supports NVIDIA, AMD cross fireX, Lucid Logi

This CPU has built in with more Overclocking features and this has described below.

Maximus V Gene from Asus

Maximus V Gene from Asus

Reduced On the network latency enables you to frag extra, and get fragged fewer. That’s why ROG has presented GameFirst, a function that controls the circulation of visitors according to your needs so that you can still pay attention to online songs, obtain and publish information, and practice On the internet conversations without compromising the low called ping periods you need to ping your oppositions.

 Intel Gigabit LAN

The Local Area Network answer from Intel has been extensive known to have a better throughout, reduced CPU usage as effectively as greater steadiness. Using the Intel Gigabit LAN alternatives on board, the greatest system encountered therefore be directed to its consumers like never before.

 CPU Level UP

Actually that you could acquire more extensive CPU? Update your CPU at no extra price with ROG’s CPU Stage Up! Basically choose the brand you like to OC, and the motherboard will do the remaining! See the new CPU rate and appreciate that efficiency immediately. Overclocking is never simple as this one.

Connect additional connection to your mATX board and say so long to actual restrictions. The specific adaptor comes with one small PCI Show 2.0/USB 2.0 combination slot, and one small SATA slot. This way, you can connect up additional gadgets without taking up useful space inside the case, and get the best of both worlds: a lightweight PC with larger expandability. Several gadgets can now connect up right away without actual complications

LucidLogix Virtu MVP

LucidLogix Virtual MVP presenting HyperFormance™ Technological innovation boosts your distinct movie card up to 60% even more than, its original efficiency through the test of 3DMark Vantage. Developed for Intel processor design and Windows 7 PC’s, it completely mixes the efficiency of distinct design cards with fast computing iGPU, also with the newly designed Virtual Synchronize, customers can enjoy a smoother game playing experience by eliminating tearing artifacts. LucidLogix Virtu MVP could also dynamically assign tasks to the best available design resource, based on energy, efficiency and program load.

This enables consumers to make full use of 3x faster movie conversion with Intel® Quick Synchronize Movie 2.0 technology while retaining high-end 3D rendering and game playing efficiency, provided by both NVIDIA® and AMD graphic cards. When the distinct Graphic card is not required, energy consumption goes automatically down to near zero, producing the program more environmentally-friendly. For customers searching for perfection, LucidLogix Virtu MVP provides great graphical efficiency and the best flexibility and efficiency.

 PCI Express® 3.0

PCI Express® 3.0 is the newest PCI Show bus conventional with enhanced development techniques that deliver twice the speed of current PCIe 2.0.

As such, PCIe 3.0 provides customers unmatched data rates, along with the comfort and smooth conversion provided by complete in reverse interface with PCIe 1.0 and PCIe 2.0 gadgets. PCIe 3.0 will become a must-have function for customers who wish to enhance and boost visual efficiency, as well as have the most advanced technology available to them.