What are the best Laptops for Graphic Designing?

Graphic design is not every one’s cup of tea, it demands creative mind which can produce innovative designs and illustrations. Thus it’s challenging job that requires professional hardware and software. In today's world of digital arts, the characteristics that are required for the best laptops for Graphic Designing, such as power, mobility and weight, have become extremely important.

Like any profession, knowing how to choose between the best suitable laptops for this work is always a subtle game of balance between weight and performance, a large screen, mobility, best functionality and affordable price. [Read more…]

Maximus V GENE from Asus

Asus Latest mother board has more features that aren’t available in older CPU’s. This new GENE works faster like real Genie. Take alook for the following specifications which meets for your any type of programs.

2nd / 3rd Generation of Core Intel Socket 1155 with i7 or i5 or i3 / celeron or pentium processors.
For faster CPU performance Asus has capacity upto 32 GB Ram of DDR3 with all of slots.

Integrated Graphics card Supports HDMI upto  resolution of 1920 x 1200 [Read more…]