(solved) Folders and icons turned into .exe files

Recently my computer got infected by a Malware and the file has been gone to .ink file extensions. The virus came from a memory card that was given by a friend. From this memory card it entered into my PC and then in another memory card. In the last when I kept the memory card in laptop it also got affected. I tried plenty of Antivirus tools, but none of them helped in removing this virus.

Deleting h file in regedit all of the icons turned into .exe file extension. This is more annoying rather than that .LNK virus. Ive tried Googling several times, but without a correct answer from them. So many bloggers engaged in selling spy software, and nothing for free to remove this .exe virus.

EXE virus

EXE virus

Only Malware bytes has help me removing this .exe virus from the computer and memory disk etc. Always scan for full things until it completes and remove the viruses after completion of scan.

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