(solved) Folders and icons turned into .exe files

Recently my computer got infected by a Malware and the file has been gone to .ink file extensions. The virus came from a memory card that was given by a friend. From this memory card it entered into my PC and then in another memory card. In the last when I kept the memory card in laptop it also got affected. I tried plenty of Antivirus tools, but none of them helped in removing this virus. [Read more…]

quick scan.exe

Here comes another story from my laptop.Recently i was busy with offline work and i haven’t posted anything on my blog.whenever i try to search in my blog or on any site the results links will take to me a page where i need to download and buy that software to fix this exe virus.
I have downloaded several software like malware bytes,super antispyware,avast and much more but none of them found anything.I tried to check on other sites but the problem shows on my laptop since every link drive m to that virus site.
I at last deleted cookies,temporary files and all even in internet explorer to clean everything.Once i did the virus was gone and now i can search with safe.I suggest to you all if you got any virus then dont go to the product website since it was a scam just try to use your anti virus programs that can get fixed for you.