(solved) Remove Nav Links

Remove Nav links from computer or laptop.

Nav-Links is an Advertising program, just as do-searches virus without harming to PC and showing their own advertisers to make money from those ad clicks.

Nav- Links Company

Nav- Links Company

Nav links is dangerous virus with annoying pop-up ads, advertisements in any browser. These ads generate revenue for Nave Links company and mostly this virus is installed from Malware sites and the FBI is still not arresting to the scammers, as it is easy to know the hackers from the advertisement codes, but no one will take crime on such type scams. These ads are similar to Infolink ads, but these are annoying and no way to remove from Webpages.

Nav-Links ads

Nav-Links ads

Nav Links pop-up ad

Nav Links pop-up ad

How Does Nav-Links will affect our computer?

Nav-Links affect in few methods, sometimes it comes with Malware sites that are dangerous to PC, and another method is installing with any software, but all the time from Malware websites. The ads are so much dangerous, and annoys to the PC or Laptops so we have to click those spam advertisements and most of them are Facebook ads as for me. The advertisers should always look to those scammers, but none of them taking care in this world.

Some easy steps to remove this Adware from our PC.

First solution is.

Settings -> Show Advanced Settings -> Reset Browser Settings

As the above method is for all browsers, so it might work for anyone else follow the next steps.

2. Step

Go to Control Panel and then Add or Remove Programs uninstall Nav-Links From the list.

Step 3.

rmove Extensions from Browsers.

For Mozilla Firefox

Click Tools then Add-ons and Extensions.

Once you did see Nav- Links, if it exists then remove it . or else follow next step of mine.

Firefox Addons

Firefox Addons

For Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and click Tools Menu then Manage Addons, check in this section if Nav Links exists or not. If it exists then remove it.

For Google Chrome

Click Wrench Icon that is at the Adress bar, after settings, and Extensions. Please check here if anything exists of Nav-Links then remove it.

Google Chrom

Google Chrome

As perĀ  my problem :

Windows Installer 3.1

Windows Installer 3.1

There is a program installedĀ  menu, but it is showing only in control Panel as the name is Windows installer (look in the image). This is suspecting program for me and I removed immediately, upon removing this program their is no more viruses or ads in my laptop. If you are looking any suspicious programs in your computer or laptop, then please remove those programs as they are the one giving problems to you.

Windows Installer 3.1

Windows Installer 3.1

Precautions from this Nav-Links

1. Once any computer or PC gets infected Nav-Links starts to send the data from our PC to scammers, in order to hack passwords, Credit Card numbers, etc.

2. Nav-Links always keeps computer in busy method and keeps using our Internet without taking permission.

3. Nav-Links can install some more viruses, programs if it exists furthermore.

4. Nav-Links collect email address, personal information, including IP address, so be careful, until you remove it, don’t connect to Internet.

If you did not find any solution from above, then please post in comment box, so I can assist you in any method.

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