How to block the fake refferal traffic in Analytics

My blog was getting bogus referral traffic due to the Malware injected into my WordPress theme. Several times my blog getting problems and incapable to discover the malware in blog even the Google webmaster tools did not identify it.

I used Wordfence plugin for locating Malware, but this couldn’t Serve at all and believe it’s not a worth to rely on plugins as these plugin people always want to generate income from upgrades. [Read more…]

How to Reset WordPress Password using Phpmyadmin

There are two techniques to restore a wordpress admin password from PHPmyadmin. First method is working query within the databases as it is easier to do in a few seconds, However you must run the query properly, else might get corruption in the database.

Make sure to  back-up the full database, so if anything goes wrong you can restore the information resource from your PC or laptop. [Read more…]

(solved) How to remove Tencent Ads

Tencent ads are well known malware from Chinese suppliers group and nothing would harm except their frustrating ads over internet explorer and other things, anyway we should eliminate these Viruses from our computer systems else they will take our information such as Credit Cards, E-mail details,  etc.

How Tencent QQPCNETFLOW.EXE infected in your computer?

Mainly it get set-up along with another software on internet, but some people enhance them with web browser features. When you check out a website it instantly sets up in your computer as there is no way to stop the installation because it is Malware and all are made instantly. [Read more…]

(Solved) Iphone 5 Not Turning on after Battery Replacement

Here comes an interesting Story from my Phone. Recently my phone battery went in bad condition and replaced with a new one, but at this time I placed the battery in Wrong direction that is plus to minus and minus to plus.

Battery Terminals
Battery Terminals

It got short-circuited and went into heat, immediately I removed the battery from its slot and kept it aside for few minutes. The new battery was cooled, but got damaged a little at the plastic and at the plus or minus poles of the battery. [Read more…]

Top 10 Analytics tools to track website

We all believe Google Analytic’s is the best tool for monitoring website visitors, however if you use alternative tools, then you know the taste of real statistics between Google Analytics and others. Here I am giving some of the top 10 from my list that have been analyzed.

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Analytics
    Google Analytics

Google Analytices is the world’s largest tool for analyzing websites and most webmasters blindly use Google Services. It is top one for me because easy to evaluate online traffic. [Read more…]