How to change Facebook name before 60 days

Here I will show how to change Facebook name that has previously altered in less than 60 days. Facebook limits because of spammers who change their names unusually to fool friends, for this reason and data usage policies they have made some restrictions for a period of 60 days adjustments for Facebook names.

I recently posted How to Make One Word Name Account On Facebook  so you need to read how to change facebook name before 60 days.

Here I will start step by step instructions, please follow my instructions, if you have any questions please comment below.

  1. Go to the account adjustments, just click Modify name and see whether the restrict is there or not.
  2. If the restrict is available, then name is not clickable as this reveals you cannot be able to modify the name until the limit expires.
Name Change on Facebook

Name Change on Facebook

The above screen shot don’t have restrict since I never modified the name due to no use of my Facebook consideration.

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When your account is limited you will see the following text in this place since the limit is for every sixty days.

“You can’t change your name at this time because you’ve already changed it within the last 60 days. “

If you want to continue in editing the name even though they don’t allow in editing name then click here.

fb-name change

fb-name change

You should proceed as the site goes instantly and select a name that you want to use. The above technique allows modifyingy into the name that was used. There is no restrict for modifying name into previously name as you can modify infinite times. While following the actions you need to modify the security password for a new security password.

After following the pages, they will bring to a page where you are able to change the name that was previously used.

If you want to change the name for a new name, then please use the request change name form from Facebook.  I understand your concern for changing name from time to time, but we need to use terms of others. I believe you experienced reading this content for changing the name everyday or change name on Facebook before 60 days.

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