24 Engg students washed away in Beas river

VNR VJIET college is located at Bachupally nearer to Pragathi Nagar and Bowrampet well located in the city. I pass this college most times last 2 years back. The place is excellent for anyone to reach and study as it has most buses autos and college transport too.

24 Engg students washed away in Beas river

I love to roam at this areas during my visits to relatives home.

This incident has happened on june 8, but was unable to touch the blog due to pain of youngsters who swept away in Beas river for the negligence of Himachal Pradesh Govt.

According to the sources These children are on Industrial Tour and went to Himachal Pradesh when returning to home.  They went to the Larji Dam to have photos for there college days remembrance, but they got their last life photos, due to the negligence of officials of Himachal Pradesh.

From Himachal CM:

He Says no negligence from their side see the sources of NDTV.


While coming to the point Larji Dam official names and photos never revealed into public at all.  The Dam officials did not made a siren so that these innocent children will know the water is released.

This officials had released a large amount of water at a time and saying there is no fault from them.

In the end Himachal Pradesh High Court ordered to give a filing Report but these officials had delayed and from this we can easily say this was due to their malpractice and want to hide the real culprit.

They released the water for sand mafia as per their requirement.


On the other hand the college is too responsible for lieing to the parents, that was a big mistake and malpractice of this VNR College.The college CEO is responsible for the negligence of excursion.


These type of colleges should be ban in Hyderabad.

I had posted this as it is really paining that they tried to help each other and died in the end. If there any mistakes please let me know in the comment section will correct it.

My prayers for these bravery students to reborn again.

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