intel desktop board d945gcl

Intel 945gcl boards have major problems and their support is too bad since it is manufactured by chineese i can really suggest you to dont buy this chinese products.Here i tell how my brother pc was affected without display on screen.


For the firstĀ  two years the pc was worked well and their are no problems at all but suddenly the pc went without display on screen.He showed to nearby repairing shop and he had somehow did and returned back by charging rs 450 and the motherboard again was dead now this person has told to make check up of motherboard.I have showed in a nearby laboratory in hyderbad and they discoverd that the problem is the intel graphics which is fixed in motherboard.This was out of warranty so it cannot be repaired or searching on internet I have found same problem to many peoples.This means the motherboard is not good at all and their saupport is even bad to repair.

I am trying to get a graphics card and check the motherboard if it works or not or else new motherboard should have to buy.If you are facing the same problem or have a solution then please post in comment.I will also update if i founded the problem and it might be helpful to others too