How to Post a GIF on Facebook

We all laugh and smile when we see GIF’s, but here comes posting on Facebook doesn’t work. People usually create small GIF’s from their photos for posting on Social media sites. These works on Twitter and social media sites, but coming to Facebook you will get a problem for looping the image.

Teaching GIF

The GIF images are very small that are covered with plenty of images or a video in order to loop wherever we post either in chatroom or in social media sites. It is like auto-playing video, but this GIF had only two to three views normally 2 only. [Read more…]

How to add image in signature in gmail account

Gmail allows to create a signature for promoting our services. This is free to use and get exposures whenever we send emails to someone either friends, relatives or unknown person. If we make our signature neatly, then everyone should like to click and view it.

We are able to add images, links, alt tag too. Gmail signature allows ordinary WYSYING editor for adding links and images the way we want. Gmail does not allow you to upload images, but link to an image where it is uploaded. [Read more…]