Do It Yourself Computer Repair Business

People nowadays have power over their individual laptops. Still, there are households that keep personal computers. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to start a pc repair business. This kind of computer is low in maintenance, could work for extended hours, and definitely lasts longer than laptops. Technicians should take advantage of this situation since crashing desktop computers is still inevitable.

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How To Repair SMPS

I have been struggling with my desktop for getting started since it won’t start at all and I need several times switch on and so. Occasionally it starts sometimes or else have to use my laptop. When I opened my ATX cabinet and then I opened for SMPS too. In this SMPS I found some problems. The main capacitor was leaked and bulged too. This means the capacitor has dead. At the other side fan has been glitch and it is unable to spin by hand as well. I used Philips Oil base spray by removing the sticker of the fan and then rubber washer.

I replaced another new capacitor and even the fan was revolving with the help of Philips oil spray. Tested the voltages with digital multimeter and everything was fine.

If your fan is unable to spin even after the oil spraying get a new fan that might help you better, but repairing will save a little money. In this days SMPS and Fans are cheaper and our time is too waste for repairing, but we can do when we are free. Every day we need to learn a lesson and have to spend the day.

Here are some hints For failing the power supply.

The SMPS always gets a lot of heat and if the fan is too not working, then probably it will also stop other things in SMPSs and the Mosfet diodes which are attached to heat sinks they will stop flowing correct volts. Since this Fan helps the circuit to cool from the heat sinks.