(solved) How to remove Tencent Ads

Tencent ads are well known malware from Chinese suppliers group and nothing would harm except their frustrating ads over internet explorer and other things, anyway we should eliminate these Viruses from our computer systems else they will take our information such as Credit Cards, E-mail details,  etc.

How Tencent QQPCNETFLOW.EXE infected in your computer?

Mainly it get set-up along with another software on internet, but some people enhance them with web browser features. When you check out a website it instantly sets up in your computer as there is no way to stop the installation because it is Malware and all are made instantly.

Becareful while downloading any software or press from other websites as they carry viruses to your Computer.

How much Dangerous QQPCNETFLOW.EXE and how we know it is in our computer?

Any malware is more risky that takes our information and infect of our home PC’s such as other gadgets when we linked to the contaminated PC. We should eliminate these viruses on the first day when it got installed.  we shouldn’t believe in anything and never wait because of our comfort is more important.

When we see any of their ads over the web browser or on desktop Computer that indicates our Computer got have been infected with Tencent Ads.

How to Remove QQPCNETFLOW.EXE safely from your Computer?

Most of the files or folders located in the same folder that are associated with program files. Try browsing the files or folders and Delete them permanently use ( Shift + delete ).

Click yes for verifying to delete them completely.

If you are incapable to Remove the file for some limitations start computer in Safe Method and then apply for removal them.

Sample Files




Removing Tencent from Windows Registry.

If you don’t know about Windows Computer system registry then please consult someone for taking out the viruses since deleting other files may give issues to your computer. We are offering only solution to solve such issues.

Please make sure to check again for eliminating Computer information that you are corresponding correct results.

To open Registry files

  1. Click Start and run then type Regedit.
  2.  Once Registry editor browse the files that are associated with Tencent Ads.
  3. For Deleting each Registry key locate them in Right side.
  4. Once you located keys  apply for them in deletion by using right click of mouse.
  5. Delete Similarly Regeistry values too in the same manner.
  6. I’ve attached the screenshot below and try such type if you have problems please contact to me and I would like to help you until they are eliminated from your PC.
Tencent Hkey

Tencent Hkey


  1. Thank you, that is my worst nightmare until I read this article. I used qq international Chinese version for a long period of time and so many pop ups coming out. Also, it automatically install application even without your consent.

  2. Hi Jane
    Yep, the program installs automatically with another program so we wont know it is QQ or any other spyware.
    Let me know if you have any more questions.

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