Intel Centrino 2 Mobile with Blu-ray BD-ROM

Dell has developed new laptop for faster performance and is powered intel centrino 2 mobile with intel core 2 duo processor P8600.It comes with loaded software genuine windows vista home premium edition provided by dell company.AS for the memory Ram is 4 Gb it is same as provided on previous dell studio 15 T6500.The main differences is Processor and DVD rom which is the latest in technology.


This new edition is available in all colors for the needs.It can even get matched with college dresses or company dresses which looks more wonderful.Dell studio 15 comes with 500 bGB sata hard drive for storing large files movies games music and much more.It has 2.0 mega pixel camera for video chatting or taking photos while you are at laptop.The camera provides a good pictures for smaller distances.One more difference in this laptop is Dvd rom drive which is newly developed with Slot Load Fixed Blu-ray BD-ROM / DVD + /-RW Combo Drive.Dell has been developing new produts as for the human needs and it is good to buy this laptop.

The maximum price may stands nearly $1100 to $1200 but check on dell website for the current price.


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