HP p6700z series

This is newest computer from hp company and the cost is even low plus it can handle many programs.Their are some improvements from the past hp computers.This pc has been powered by AMD multicore processor so it can run even much faster ,speed and accuracy.The processor is AMD sempron 2.8 GHZ with 1MB l2 cache upto 4000MHZ. for faster perforrmance
The pc comes with 2 GB DDR3 memory 1066MHz SDRAM but you can increase even upto 4 GB.Better to upgrade at the time of purchasing only this will easier and even can get in low price.For storing data and programs the hard drive is 320 gb and it can be expandable even up to 500 GB.If you like to watch movies or music then choose upgrading your hard drive.Even you can get blu ray plus DVD writer with this pc in order to play external cds or blu ray discs.

graphics card:You should take the nvidia geoforce graphics card which might be easier to play games and do grpahics also it can helps to run 3D programs.This desktop pc has integrated with wireless lan card and even their is lan card for those who want to attach with cable.Watching Tv is also good for those who love to watch movies or capture some videos photos of their favorite actors or genres.The motherboard it itself comes with attached sound card and you can attach woofers or headphones.
The pc comes with preloaded software windows 7 but if you want to downgrade for xp then take assist from the company so it might easier for future formating.
power supply is 250 watts and with 6 USB ports that can be used to attach digital media devices.Overall HP provides one year limited support and warranty on all hardware parts.Their are many free goodies so please collect them even free software’s which might be useful later.