How To Remove Unfollowers on Google Plus

I am seeing a lot of people who don’t follow me back at all and days have been passed to increase my followers rate, but these un-followers make no sense to the new followers. Cleaning to these un-followers gang will help us to increase more followers.

Twitter has great online tools to increase follower rate, but Google plus don’t have many tools because of people don’t use much Google Plus in the past.

I always want higher rate in followers, but Google plus is the one lower rate. An example currently I follow 280 people and only 75 are following me back, that’s a large number of people are not following back.

A ratio of 3:1 showing for my follower rate on Google plus, but at twitter 98% people follow back, else I will clean them using un-follower sites.

Coming to the point Google Plus won’t shows who are not following back, but we need to use third party tools to remove these people from our circles.

How to Uncircle, Uncirclers on Google Plus

In the past Circloscope was free and paid versions to use, but now there is no free version to use, however still it helps in removing manually. I could not find another tool or App for removing un circlers.

I hope some one will make an online tool for people that who loves to build great follower base. Anyway I too believed there might be more App’s or resources to use online, but looking a lot could not discover one.

Circloscope App works with Google Chrome and you can get it by searching in the search bar for applications.

This Circloscope is good App to use, if you bought a license, but we all loves to use free ones, unless we use it intensely. The APP really help us eliminating the un-followers and ticks them to demonstrate us for removing from our circles. If you had purchased license, then it is easy to remove most followers within a click.



According to the paid version I am unable to remove these Uncirclers from my Google plus profile, but this tool reveals who are not following back.

Red Arrows all indicates towards the tick mark and they aren’t following back. Green arrows pointing towards the followers that are following me back.

I removed most of the un-followers manually without using the paid version.

An Example

You see in the above screenshot of the second follower Alok Yadawa is not following back and ticked and have to remove it.

Browse your Google plus profile and click on the link in your circles. Once it opened search the username by just typing two to three letters and you will see the person name with icon.



Once you got the right person Id remove them from your circle, by this guide technique one can able to eliminate all un-followers from their record.

I hope someone will develop an online tool for removing these un-followers from our lists. Anyway G plus is still under development, only works for better ranking in SERP.

Precautions using this APP

I had seen that this tool shows even those who are following back on pages, as not following back, Facebook page shows correct followers to each page and they won’t mix or do something, unlike this Google makes arrogantly, so please be careful if you have more than a page.
In the end, if you know any tool or App that works for Google followers then, please review it in the comment section.


  1. emmanuel ekainu says:

    hi suresh. you just pointed out a reason why i hate using google+. you’ll hardly know who hit the “unfollow” tab and the reason why but i think the best way to move ahead is to accept their going and focus on your long term goals.

  2. Hi Emmanuel,
    It will increase Page Rank, and you will get a dofollow link in your Google plus page, but still Google is not yet updating PR.
    Yeah we need to follow their rules and have to stick with their tails.

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