Latest Nvidia graphics card

Nvidia has developed a new graphics card quadro FX 5800 gives an extra solution for high end users designers,scientists,engineers and technical persons.Quadro FX 5800 comes 4GB frame buffer providing the professionals to deliver the right tools that required for visualization beyond 3d tradition.
This is the latest industry 4GB graphics card and their is no one had developed 4gb graphics card still today.The previous graphics cards allows you to make 3d modelling but with this you can make 4d modelling.This graphics card can visualize with fast computing and enhances programs to run easy.NVIDIA the only company offers industry solutions for enhanced designers and engineers.

Device specifications :
NVIDIA graphics card comes with 240 CUDA CORE.This graphics card memory size is 4GB, memory interface is 512 bit,and memory bandwidth is 102GB per second.

Nvidia Displaying port is 1 with dual link DVI (2).The digital output is 3 and analog output is 2.The maximum resolution display is 2560×1600 and this is the highest resolution i have seen in my life.The grphics card is enabled with 3d vision and 3d vision pro with stereo sound of 3 pin with mini DIN.
More specifications follows in short
shader model version is 4.1 and opne gl is 3.1 comes with directx 10.This new nvidia graphics card supports multi operating system and CUDA architecture.FSAA mazimum is 32 and slots allotted only 2.maximum power consumption is 189 watts