DH87RL Desktop Board From Intel

Desktop computers are still widely used in Offices, homes rather than laptops or Androids. These desktops provides best speed and performance for running our daily usable programs. Desktop still suitable for kids, adults, and students, etc, Here comes simple reason for buying desktop than laptop, because laptop are cost and become huge heat once we use high compatible programs as 3d cad design or some other software. Therefore Desktops is suitable, but when we need to travel far distances laptop is necessary, however Laptops are not suitable for all purposes, programming and small things only. If you are looking to use Game and Graphic designing you must choose longer battery duration, since they eat up loads of energy. [Read more…]

new motherboard DX58SO2 from intel

Intel is one of the best company producing new motherboards as per the user requirements.This new Intel board DX58SO2 will benefit to many professionals.This Intel desktop board DX58SO2 will give best and fast performance for editing videos music images and rendering real time audio too.This mother board supports Intel core i7 processor for fast computing.
Mother board specifications :This all newer motherboards supports ATX form factor as it is the only enabled power supply.The motherboard supports with later driver updates for BIOS and the bios id string is SOX5820J.86AThis mother board supports Intel core i7 processors in an LGA1366 socket and also please check the list from Intel website or else leave a comment here.
Memory is the another important thing for every motherboard as per the latest technology Intel has developed for DDR3 1600+ /1333 /1066 MHz DIMMs.Their are six dimm socets for enabling large memory to run programs fast.The chipset is Intel® X58 Express Chipset supports Intel high definition audio with 10 channel.(7.1 + 2 independent multi-streaming).Lan is imposrtant for every computer and this intel has comeup with Gigabit controllers

The motherboard comes with additional features for attaching other devices.Their are two USB ports 3.0 and can connect upto 12 with 12 usb 2.0 ports.Two serial ATA 6.0 ports and six Gb/s ports and two IEEE 1394a ports/ 1 internal and one external.Six serial ATA 3.0GB/s and consumer infra receiver plus emitter too.Their are three PCI expansion cards for adding other extra things.