sapphire radeon hd 5970 video card

Gaming is one important fact for human life to enjoy some time since you need friends or someone to play a game, but in these days we are enjoying a lot of games with computer. New games like world of Warcraft which need graphic card with high resolution monitor in order to run such Games.

Fully powered with chipset Radeon HD5970 Core Clock: 725 MHz

Sapphire has Launched another Video card 5970 and it has more capacity to play games. It even had a cooling fan to cool the video card. This video card has 2gb DDR5 internal memory to run quicker than, other Graphic cards. Sapphire has produced better this time with clock at 4.0 GHZ at a rate of 512 bit
Sapphire video card comes with power supply of 600 watts with 1X75w 6 PIN and 1X150w 8 PIN PCI Express power connectors and the company recommended this with full retail version dirt cheap Game.

Sapphire Video card comes with PCI-Express 2.0 x16 RAMDAC: 400 MHz.The video card provides a maximum resolution of 2560×1600.There is also mini display port with PCI Express card.

Overall Sapphire provides 2 years on-site warranty to replace if there are any faults after the purchase. This is very good opportunity to get a warranty for 24 months.