HP Pavilion p6150t series

Hp pavilion p6150t is a similar model of p6100t but a higher performance and speed for the human needs. If you’re looking for a low price computer with best performance then this is the perfect for your needs. You and your family can enjoy multimedia and browsing internet, photos, music and much more with this HP p6150t

This desktop comes with genuine windows vista premium service pack 1.Enjoy entertainment with the vista but most people loves XP so you can downgrade to XP for an additional cost or just boot the XP cd by your self.
The pc comes with Intel quad or Intel dual core processor for higher speed and performance.The windows vista service pack which is most useful to get connected to internet with an easy mode.For superb performance this Pc comes with DDr3 Ram to give faster data rate transfers and reduced the power consumption too.
Cabinet :
p6150chassisThis is same cabinet which is used for p6100,p6120t models so there is no special in this cabinet.The features of this P6150t model are as follow:
The outer part of the Pc is covered with black glossy finish with silver and chrome accents for nice looking and shining.
The power button comes with illuminated light.
A small door that can help you to connect a camera or mp3 players headphone etc for easy acess.
There is also a 15 in 1 digital media card reader.
There is another storage via pocket media drive and bay.

Entertainment :
mediacard_p6150chassisP6150t comes high definition audio and video for better entertainment.The PC is powered by dedicated graphics card X4500 [VGA] for better pumping up multimedia and images.Very high quality surround sound system with 7.1
This days the Tv is the one more thing for Pcs so hp P6150t comes with tv tuner card and it may be used even as personal recorder.This tv tuner is dual format ATSC-NTSC with PVR, remote which can give clear view high-def, non-premium cable shows.
For playing additionally CDs or DVDs P6150 comes with blu-ray DVD writer.One more option for connecting LAN cards and a wireless printer,acessories.
The Pc comes with multifaced software for creating slide shows of yoru images video editing anything you need to edit multimedia.The software is more powerful to edit any types of images audio,videos.
This software also captures images from Tv tuner cards .For storing images,videos the hard drives comes with bigger space of 750 GB at 7200 RPM.
Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Quad processor Q8300 processor and DDR3 8GB ram drive helps to give data to transfer very fast and the pc itself works like a tv remote.

HP p6120t Pavilion series

Have you been interested in buying a Desktop for your company or office or for your personal needs ?then answer is hp pavilion p6120t series.This new series can handle all your family computing needs.The newly p6120t series is loaded with Genuine windows vista home base service pack 1.The PC was builded in such a condition that it can handle everything like movies music,games etc.Specially childrens looking to play high performance games and this is very suitable PC for them.


This has been built in stylish and sleek.The classic hp design comes with black finish silver and chrome accents.In the front panel it has a illuminated power button and a sliding door for easy acess camera or a mp3 player.just a side to this their is an 15 in 1 card reader which is more important for the users who use Ipods,cellphones with memory cards.

Hp 6120t series is powered by Intel dual core processor for running multiple programs and applications.For large applications like downloading or photo editing files Hp comes with dual channel DDR2 sdram with 800 MHZ.the memory cards are in a choice of yours which is 1 gb 2 gb 4gb etc..The hard drive which has large space starts from 320 GB to 750 GB space .This is enough space even you can store more movies and watch whenever you need instead of paying for rent dvds.For better viewing,editing graphics the pc comes with integrated Intel media Accelerator or you can take NVIDIA graphics card.

Main Feature for Entertainment : This Pc has been integrated with 5:1 channel for a better quality and clear sound.For playing music or movies DVDs the PC is supported with Blu ray DVD rom drive.For connecting networks or printers this comes with wireless lan card and its easy to confgure.

Entertainment Software :Hp provides a media smart software for editing images movies music which makes your pc as one stop for multimedia.Watch dvds and blu ray movies in high definition video and sound system through the blu ray optical drive.Are you looking for editing music then this is the software that can do for editing your music files.

Security:Hp 6120t series comes with Norton internet security for a period of 60 days and their after you can get a license by paying additional amount or you can even upgrade online easily.

The Pc comes with one year warranty with all parts including keyboard mouse etc.hp provides 24*7 support toll free or by email.Overall you get free software for one year but this is limited time for the buyers.The price of the PC is $349 presently.