Convert TV into PC monitor

Big screen (or TV) is an excellent idea of a computer monitor is a lot of ground. It may be easier and funny to play. It is just like “World of Warcraft” is the first time. You can also nice and comfortable. Looking for TV on the computer screen is always better movies, for obvious reasons. Some people enjoy the set-up. Whether Web sites to build a Power Point presentation, or, or what the project.

Another reason is that TV is a computer monitor in order to save. In this, such as the use of surround sound or even the stock TV speakers for movies or music download programs. Or you can go to that show or a football game, in which projects are you working with. Not to forget, you have nothing to eat and drink, the entire keyboard or mouse.

If you are using standard PC monitor can be very exciting to read your e-mail, 36-inch screen.

This is really great to flip your TV on a computer monitor. This is even better if your big screen. If you have seen, then you already know. If you’re not, you can now. It is not difficult, but write it on a good idea.

Conversion Instructions

First you need a “Video card. A video card hardware is responsible for the preparation and issuance of images on a screen. Some of the most important functions of the video is a video recording, TV tuner adapter, MPEG decoder, for multiple monitors and connect the joystick. You can usually buy about $ 30.00. It goes to your 256 MB card, which is more than sufficient for most functions.

Assuming that your computer has S-Video port, you take the S-video cable to the S-video output. Then connect it to your TV, the “S-Video” port. RCA audio cable you need. The trick is that the RCA “Red and Black” in the appropriate port on your TV. Make sure that the listener the other end of the RCA from your computer or laptop. If you do not need the PC speaker works.

So we are ready to enter the settings for the computer-and video-creation programs.

1. Then right-click anywhere on the desktop screen
2. Click “Properties”
3. Click “settings”
4. Then click “Advanced”

Now. Your “Graphics”, giving you great, “Display Settings”. If you have the choice to the internal display. Double-click the computer screen or something you will see is a blank screensaver.

Then select the “Clone” is a TV option. , What a signal through a computer cable to the S-video TV-screen. Now click on the “TV Video” button on your remote. What you want is the “Video” option that your computer screen. When the Money Shot (Well, you know what I mean), which means that your TV is set correctly. This also means it is time to click on “Apply” in the tab “Video Card” institution.
click “Yes” to confirm and you’re done. It is time for fun with the TV on your computer. If this operation “Return to your page, it is one of the coolest feature is available.