Buy Lenovo ThinkStation C20 4265

This is faster than dell and hp computers as for my recently posts but i cannot able to compare the quality since after using only one can know which is the best one.Lenovo think statiion c20 is powered by 5520-C20, Chassis Intrusion with XEON E5620, processor.This new Mother board and processor has a lot speed to run programs,games,movies.The clock speed of the processor is 2.4 GHZ
Their are two slots for adding RAM.The initial memory comes with 2GB alotted in one slot but you can increase upto 4GB and this final.memory cards are from DDR3 accelarated with 1066 MHZ and a speed of 10600 UDIMM
while comparing with HP and HPE-510t series has 16GB altoted memory.This means HP150 is faster than lenovo desktop.
Storing data Lenovo desktop comes with 500Gb sata hard drive.For playing DVD or cds this desktop comes with DVD writer so its easy to burn dvds or cds with fast.Their is an additional 4 in 1 cad reader for reading memory from other memory cards.Playing videos and games 512MB, DVI+DP, NVIDIA FX580, was added in this desktop.The desktop comes with preloaded windows 7 professional 64 bit

Their comes with full size keyboard,optical mouse and internal speakers too.