How to Search Telegram Channels on Android

In these days Telegram is becoming more popular for a privacy chat, however we still need to verify phone numbers. Most of the youngsters who connect to each other on various social networks to enjoy lifestyle, but few of them stays only on popular networks.

A channel is a network where you get most information of about that particular word. Just like sports channel for sports information and news. For a searching a channel on Telegram please follow these steps..

  1. Open Chrome or any Web Browser on your android for searching interested Telegram Channels.
  2. Navigate to the site where it displays a lists of Telegram Channels. or Search in Google for Telegram channels.

3. you can search for a particular Channel that you wanted to join in them. You can even search for a keyword like Indian games, German sports, etc to find the best channel.

4. Tap on that channel and it will redirect asking to you open with the help of browser and some other things, but you have to choose Telegram Messenger for opening chatroom.

5. Tap the telegram Icon on the screen and make sure for repeating click it remember.

6. Tap always and Tap Join the channel for future reference.

In another Method,Joining a Channel from link.

  1. Open Telegram, You usually find it on the home screen or in app drawer.
  2. Click on that link and it will opens within window and showing a join button.
  3. Tap on that Join link and you will be again redirected.
  4. Now Tap on OK and you are in the Group channel for chatting or viewing that channel posts.


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