How To Reset BIOS Password on Windows Laptop

Laptop and Desktop BIOS are different and laptop BIOS comes with password protected because more useful in nature. Bios is a small chip that stores information of the chipset how to perform, when to do according functions from the keyboard or no keyboard.

In these days Laptop’s comes preloaded password protection, therefore we need to change or know the password when we want to change any information in Bios.

For Example we need to boot from USB or from optical Drive. For these types of reasons we have to find out the BIOS password for changing information. There are two to three methods for changing password and I am describing two methods.

Reset Bios Password

Reset Bios Password

Method 1

Some Laptop companies make Backdoor password in order to use them easily without using DOS method.

Here are some of the backdoor password from Laptop Manufacturers.

Phoenix Backdoor passwords





Remaining Manufacturers Backdoor Passwords

DellĀ  — Dell

Compaq — Compaq

Enox — xo11ne

Epox —- central

Iwill — iwill

Siemens — SKY_FOX

Sony — Sony

Toshiba —- Toshiba

Vobis and IBM — merilin

Method 2

Reset BIOS password using DEBUG.

I am detailing how to reset BIOS password that has forgotten or unknown. When running any commands during DEBUG you can abort at any time using CTRL/C and these command work with most laptops.

Step 1 Start the Laptop in DOS mode.

Step 2: When the Laptop starts in MSDOS mode at the end of prompt C: or command windows type DEBUG.

Step 3 : Once you pressed the enter a Hyphen (-) will appear in order to enter more commands.

Step 4

Type the following commands to remove the password totally.




After the Q command enter, exit command to leave MS DOS totally.

Now Restart the Laptop and try to enter the BIOS at the bootup as you won’t need to enter any password. When you entered into the BIOS preference change the default password to new password.

These are simple steps how to fix the BIOS password and the information you can share with anyone.

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