Dell studio 15 laptop in multicolors

Dell has been already launched Studio 15 laptops they are built in multi color design for the purpose of users.This just looks a cloth design.This has been powered by intel core 2 duo processor T6500 with 3 GB DDR2 SDRAM.The main combination of this laptop is faster and storage is 320GB Sata hard drive which runs at a speed 5400 RPM.For the gamers and designers dell studio 15 provides 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 457 Graphic card which gives excellent colors.The LCD screen is 16:9 aspect ratio LED display


Dell Studio comes with surround sound this is very useful while traveling to watch movies or play games etc.It is integrated with 2 M.P camera which can be used for video chatting.Dell studio 15 comes with loaded software of windows vista home premium,and office 2007.The laptop comes with 8 in 1 card reader where Lenovo had 4 in 1.For better music it has remote ear buds.Overall this laptop has nice features and it is price around $1000 presently.


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