Acess denied message in win XP

Sometime the problem comes to the folders when we copy files from other systems. This even happens when our drives will get infected with viruses. Recently when I had copied some files from windows one, two, etc.”>7 system to Memory Card and then tried from that Card to my laptop, here it gives access denied to the drive and even the folders.

Access Denied

Access Denied

I was thinking that the memory card got damaged or need to reformat to use it again, but the data will get lost. So I searched over the net and most of them said to do in properties over that drive or folder, but this is not available in windows XP system, however at this point I inserted the card into mobile and tested by browsing images or files, as it shows working.

Now it shows that the memory card is good, so I scanned for the viruses and nothing found in it. At this stage I thought to see it in safe mode and it was working under Safe mode on windows XP system too. I had copied all the files into the other drive not C since if we copied to the C drive, then the files won’t see in normal mode, so please cut the files to another hard drive.

Once you start the PC or laptop again, then you can be able to use that memory card or reformat it, be sure that you have copied all the files and made a backup too. This is an easiest way to recover files where we get Access Denied.

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