Intex Aqua I4 Factory Reset

I have Bought an Intex Aqua Mobile few months back and was using to lock with Pattern. On a fine day kids had tried to open with wrong series it failed. Once this pattern has locked after pressing more than 5 times it never unlock even though if you used the right key. [Read more…]

5 Easy Steps to Make Calls From Skype Using Chrome

Skype is free and cheap phone calling service and free calls to other users. Skype is unable to install on XP as it makes problem for signing in, for this reason sake I am showing how to make calls using Skype directly from Google Chrome Browser. [Read more…]

How to Remove Mystart Search from Firefox

Here comes recently My Pc got infected while installing some software and this My start Search program too got installed. From this start page I am getting Irritate for seeing those ads and tried to remove, but it tool a lot time.

Please follow below steps to remove this my start search page from Firefox.

1. Open Firefox.

2. Click Options under the Tools Menu.

3. Once opened Click General Tab [Read more…]

Lenovo Y50-70

Lenovo Laptop is my preferred for playing games, designing Cad diagrams as it will handle a lot of things. I’ve had trouble with my Lenovo Y410 laptop, but their latest models that came from Y710 are great and never had problems those who are using in their homes, offices.

This Y50 Laptop is suitable for gamers fast performing and better playable games. This is really built in latest technology with graphics that everything can be installed under one roof. [Read more…]

How to remove unwanted likes from FB page

I had few Facebook Pages with country targetable, and 35% are fake likes as Ive use like exchange website and now grew up those likes.

There are more likes that came from untargetable people, country and we cannot reach the right audience due to this people, therefore I used this method to remove those useless likes from the page. [Read more…]