Does Google cheats Buyer?

I’ve been searching to buy a mobile of Intex Aqua I 14, but so many sellers are offering from a range of price 7090 to 8000 INR. I tried on several online stores and most of them displaying high price than the company price.

Google or the advertiser looks like a cheater to me because adverts are showing the mobile price is Rs 7090, but when I clicked it asks to pay Rs 7990. Is this is a new trick of Google or the snap deal to loot buyers? [Read more...]

[SOLVED] The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)

Recently I tried to install Instagram app on PC, but it framework.  ” The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)“.

S install the .net framework from microsoft company.  .net Framework


Once you downloaded close all other programs and install easily.

(Solved) How to Remove Hijacker

Yesterday I tried to install Bluestack App and it asked to install another program to meet the system requirements. After the installation Firefox got affected with this Trovi Hijacker. I still remembered previous hijacker of Nav Links.

I described about it how to remove it from PC, but now this Trovi is similar problem for browsers only. [Read more...]

Top 10 tools to create an Infographic easily

Content marketing is impressive method to promote a product, but Infographic also make sense for us. It gives more attraction to the readers, while content just gives some impression. Making a right Infographic shall improves your blog or company. These are some top 10 Infographic tools where we create easily.

1. What About Me?

This App is made by Intel Corporation as it stands for the worlds no 1 App in creating about me Infographic. This App provides simple tools and looks as a flower, we just need to drag and drop. This App makes about me Infographic with multiple colors, pictures, design. [Read more...]

How to Sell Your Gadgets to Make Money

If you’re trying to raise some emergency cash and you have some gadgets lying around the house, a great way to get the money you need is to sell some of them. You might need to raise money to pay off emergency debts (those in debt can check out top 10 reviews of debt management software). You don’t have to sell all of them – just pick out the ones that you don’t think you’ll use much again and sell these ones. Luckily, people are always in want of gadgets, whether they are computers, tablets or smart phones, so you won’t find it too difficult to flog them. Because the price of new gadgets can be quite high, many people turn to second-hand items instead. [Read more...]