Laptop Keyboard Typing Wrong Characters

Recently I’ve used USB external keyboard with my laptop for typing speed in order to relax on the chair.  Once I connected and rebooted the laptop and half of the keys are typing wrong. I have to use function (fn) key to get correct characters, however in this scenario it shows nothing fault in my keyboard as somewhere a reset button was done. [Read more…]

Top Accessories that add Bling to your Computer

The advancement in technology is nothing short of a miracle. At point computers occupied a whole room and today we’re in the age of wearing technology on our wrists in the form of smart watches.

With technology advancing at lightning speed, it is imperative to keep your computer up to date as well with all the latest gadgets. They enhance user experience and take interaction with technology to a whole new level. Here are a few accessories you absolutely must have for your computer: [Read more…]

Playing Video Games with 60 Inch TV

Video games are totally for kids, but if you have a 60 inch TV set to connect it with, even the big guys will get hooked with the games. The video games introduced today are actually not limited for kids anymore. [Read more…]

Meeting Friends Online

Social networking and chat rooms are a boom now a days. Who doesn’t have Facebook? Twitter? Yahoo Messenger and Skype? For sure you have an account on one or two of the said sites. [Read more…]

Protecting your kids the right way

No matter how old children get, parents want to protect them from harm in everyway. We all know how dangerous the Internet can be at times. There are many websites that have inappropriate content that can be viewed way too easily. With the correct words searched on Google and a click of your mouse you can easily get to those sites. Though at the same time the internet is a wonderful place filled with educational sites and entertainment.

[Read more…]