How to remove jumper from hard drive

Every computer works with Hard drive for storing data and reading from it. In these days external hard drives are too present, but they are different and works from USB ports.

These Hard drive jumpers are just plastic covered with metal of two ends and one end is open. When you want boot the PC without hard drive, then connect the jumper in open direction.


Jumper – Source

These are some of easy tips to get understand about Hard Drive jumpers.

1. Shut down the computer, and remove the plug from socket, always check the AC cords so we should be in safe method. Wait for few minutes after shutting down, since the hard drive will be hot and processor too.

2. Unscrew the cabinet and open the case, once you done remove the power cable and data cable from the hard drive. It depends upon the cabinet that has screws or hooks to remove tha case cover and cables.

3. Remove the hard drive totally from the PC to access better for the jumpers.

4.Remember the current placement of hard drive jumpers, for anything you can revert it to back position. There is two pins one for on and the other is off.

5.  Use the tweezers to grasp top of edge jumper and pull it straight off the connector. Even you can use your fingers to hold and remove this jumper form hard drive.

6. Re-install the jumper after some time as per our requirement, make sure it should fit exactly and tight.


1. Make sure the main cord should be always removed promptly.

2. Use an anti-static arm strap is advised to avoid shock and heat.