Top 5 Cpu’s in 2012

There are many motherboards in this season and still Modern technology organizations are production newest motherboards. Some of my preferred motherboards are analyzed below. If you want to buy mother board once you choosed, please look at the organization web page for newest mother board.

CyberPower Gamer Xtreme 5000

Intel xtreme 5000

Intel xtreme 5000 – Source

Intel’s latest Cpu is xtreme 5000 as it is suitable for gamers those who love playing games. The price is too much high evaluating in these 5 CPU’s but this is one of the top 5 gaming computer.

This newest CPU has Intel core I7 processor with 4 or 8 core threads and maximum frequency is 3.60 GHZ. The cpu comes with 6 GB Ram and 1 Tera byte hard drive for saving accesing information quick. the price is somewhere nearer to $1500.

Hp  Compaq elite pc :

This new Hp PC comes with latest features for running newest programs, it comes with preloaded windows 7 however, you can upgrade for windows 8 as the PC can be compatible with its features. The PC comes with 4GB standard memory and Intel Core™ i7-3770, with Intel HD Graphics 4000. The PC consists of 1 Tera Byte hard drive running with 7200 rpm.

Asus ROG CG8580

This is from Asus company comes with cabinet. This CPU has already assembled with latest technology parts. It is also suitable for windows 8, There is enough RAM and hard drive capacity for the user needs.

Optiplex 580 from Dell

Dell latest desktop PC is Optiplex 580 and comes with advanced features for windows 7 operating system, The PC is fully designed for gamers and entertainment as it has 8 GB DDR3 RAM in order to run quickly. The PC builds on AMD Athlon II X2 (B26) processor and it comes with 250 GB hard drive, but you can upgrade if you wish at of an extra cost.

Lenovo C320

The name Lenovo has still not yet back in industry and they are still manufacturing latest smartphones, laptops and personal computers too. On date Lenovo’s latest CPU is C 320 model, it has some excellent features with less price. The price varies around $700 in some countries,

Features below of Lenovo c 320

Processor Intel Core i3 2120( 3.3 Ghz,

Mother board  1333 Mhz, 4 MB Cache)

Hard Drive 1 tera byte

Ram 4GB DDR3

Graphics AT1 1GB Graphics

Overall this looks brilliant for user needs, must suitable for entertainment as it had large hard drive. The desktop comes with pre installed wnidows 7 and can compatible for windows 8 also, please check windows compatible pcs.