This is the second model of y560 series from my post.I am going to describe about 06465nu.The processor shows some even faster than lenovo 0646ru.getting faster processor is always recommended from me unless you required best computing programs.The processor for this 06465nu is intel ® Core™ i5-480M Processor ( 2.66GHz 1066MHz 3MB ).If you are planning to use latest programs then use the laptop.

The display is 15.6 inches and same for all of the four models.The video output is high definition video to get better quality picture from this LED.

Drives:optical and hard drives are very common in nature. this days you can even use USB hard drives to your TV.So i might suggest you rely on hard drives for storing your valuable data in seperate USB hard drive.Lenovo ideapad y560 series has good hard drive and optical drives.From me one can use 160 gb hard drive but lenovo has 500GB which is more for human that can handle a lot of movies.Burning DVDs and cds are another way to use from lenovo optical drive.

Pointing devices.Lenovo has been providing good touchpad for mouse and their is no difference from older versions touchpads since it is normal standard version.Their is no finger print reader from this four models but my main suggestion is if the company had provided finger print reader then their would be more buyers from all over the world.

For networking all of the four models comes with Intel 1000 BGN Wireless,Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR.this are same for four models 06465rU,06465AU,06465CU

operating system :This lenovo y560 models comes with preloaded windows 7 and it is the most recommended windows.The power is minimum 3 hours from battery which is six lithium cell ions.I do not know if the batteries are from china since my laptop y410 battery was just dead after one year.Their is one year warranty for the parts and repair free.