Dell Studio 17

Dell studio “17” comes in 2 different platforms one is dell studio and the other is artist edition.Both version comes with different colors.Dell studio 17 is powered by Intel core 2 Duo Processor T9500 upto 4 GB Ram.Dell has developed new WIFI catcher to find networks without powering the laptop.The other option for connecting to networks is bluetooth which connects cameras headphones mic and much more.


As for the requirements for longer computing dell has developed high capacity batteries in a wide range.The laptop is builted on high speed Ethernet board for faster transfering files.For music this has been covered with surround sound system.It has an icon which provides automatic fixes upgrades etc.

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Dell Inspiron Mini 12

Dell inspiron 12

Dell mini 12 is the latest notebook from the dell If you are looking to buy then it is good to read this article for your needs.

Connecting to social networks:
dell mini12 comes easily to connect social networks like blogs chatting video chats while traveling so that you will never loss disconnection with your family and friends.

Connected to Design: Dell inspiron ini 12 was built such a perfect condition that keep connected while you are traveling.

Remote acess : Share and enjoy your digital world even while you are away from home or office or share files with a friend.You have the ability to access files and devices in your home from anywhere with Internet access,such as mobile phones or desktops when they are connected to internet.

Storage:New mini comes with more disk space for entertainment.the new mini offers 80 GB hard disk space.Dell provides sperately 2gb space from this 80 gb to keep your files online for fastest acess from anywhere through internet,With this box one can easily share any file or image folders etc through a web browser.

Battery Life: Dell Insipron 12 comes with longer duration of battery and the weight is under 3 pounds,3 Primary cell battery, approximately can give . 3 hours. 6 cell approximately. 6.5 hours.

Entertainment like on Mobile:This new Inspiron mini 12 is keep connected like a mobile is connected to can easily acess to shopping emails web and social networks. A bright 12.1 inch glossy display is designed to be able to present web sites without left-right scrolling, and the keyboard is large and easy to navigate for websites

Simple and easy Interface: Dell has build in easy to find what you are looking in your notebook.Its built in for custom interface for the mini 12 to make its more easy and even you can customize for your favourites in the front or center.Windows vista is also available for upgre