How To Reduce Video size in Windows Movie Maker

Digital videos are more exciting in these days with mobile phones, Tablets and much more, but when it comes for the storage these devices having only less space. We can increase memory cards, but that we need to replace or have to carry in external pocket.

Most Tablet users loves to watch movies while they are on traveling. We can make videos in short size by using Windows moviemaker. We can also able to cut the movie into clips or short movie in different formats as long as windows moviemaker provides. Please follow the steps below in learning for Reduce video size in Windows MovieMaker. [Read more…]

How to Make a Video With Photos Using Windows Movie Maker

Video Marketing is one of the popular method to market online products to success in the business. Creating a good video always needs best software to design the video in slideshows. I used several video editing software to make a video and most of them were making the video in large size. This is making more bad thing to viewers and uploading the video on video sites.

Windows movie comes with windows and it is good to use free also to reduce the video size of previous videos that are built. Please follow the step-by-step to create a video from images using Windows MovieMaker. [Read more…]