latest nvidia graphic card

Technology companies are always in competition to release their newer products .coming to the NVIDIA company they released Geoforce GT 520 with integrated graphics 2 X performance speed and long life of battery that can be used for many times recycling.most of the companies does not look for the battery life time which is very important thing before buying any digital products.NVIDIA optimus technology optimizes battery life with best graphics performance what we expect whether we want to play games or watch a movie from blu ray discs.

Nvidia graphics card can deliver best speeds in editing videos,websites and images with high resolution of next generation browsers.Since many softwares are upgrading for better browsing so nvidia also providing for the upcomming softwares.Designing graphics or 3 drawings or images cad programs etc are easier using this nvidia GT 520m.One can play any games since NVIDIA is using directx 11 and it is latest graphics software.

Specifications : The processor comes with a speed of 1480 MHZ and CUDA cores with 48.This is compatable with DDR3 memory cards and has 800 MHZ memory clock.the memory interface width is 64 and bandwidth is 12.8.This all shows it has good speeds in executing videos or editing 3d images.