increase computer speed

We always need our computer to run fast and safe but due to browsing internet daily we get so many trojans and viruses etc.If we doesnt clean our pc or laptop that may cause even slow and doesnt respond.I will show you for free in easy steps and you can get a good performance of computer speed

First try to empty Recycle bin this is the easiet thing just double click recycle bin and in that right click then choose “empty recycle bin”

Second step Open internet explorer and go to tools menu choose internet options a pop box will appear

Click Delete Cookies,and again click Delete Files.In that window you see offline content.Tick that also and delete all offline pages etc


You got now this two easy steps but still yu need some more steps to clean faster performance.

Next step you need to clean disk .In order to do this click start,programs,acessories,system tools,disk disk cleanup program will start and calculating how much space can set free.Onc the process is done it gives a list files which you need o delete in order to get more space and fast acess but please go through the files and see whether they are useful or not because once deleted you cannot store back to them.After selecting files you can click ok for deleting files

Next step is defragmentation

For this it takes more time so i recommend to use this method when you are not using your pc or laptop.I suggest to you that use this method when you go for bath or watching a serial or playing inside games

After one to two hours come back and see whether the process has been completed or not if not then wait for the time to be completed.Once this method is done their is the last one which you need to run with spyware

I think you have an anti-virus program installed in your computer.If not then atleast install a free version from avg .now run this software to find any viruses it will take upto 30 mins depending on how much capacity you are using in your computer and files

After this all steps done restart your computer and you will be surprised how your computer responds in opening programs or running.Its good if you run this steps every week so your computer will works perfectly just like a new computer.