HP Pavilion Elite HPE-510f PC

This is another version of computer from HP series.The same thing from HPE 510t series but a little change in this two models.Though i recommend for buying HPE 510f series which is more powerful than this anyway i will describe about this desktop.
This is powered by the AMD Phenom II 1055T processor operating speed at 2.8GHZ with 6 cores and bus speed is 4000 MHz HT3 as a maximum TDP is 95W.This motherboard supports other processors too but they are for just some lower and higher versions only.For memory theirs no difference between 510t and 510f since both allow up to 16GB RAM of DDR3 cards.please look if you are 32 bits pcs since they allow only up to 4 GB memory.

The PC has been integrated with graphics using ATI Radeon 4200 also supports PCI Express x16 graphics cards.Their are three ports DVI,HDMI,and VGA.As this three resolutions are different and their maximum resolution are follows DVI resolution: 2560x1600x32bpp @ 60Hz,HDMI resolution: 1920×1080 and VGA resolution,2048x1536x32bpp @ 60H.After all this the onboard supports 1GB Memory.The Cpu comes with Tv tuner card and this is small size for fixing pci cards but though this has been fixed on other place .This TV tuner card supports most types of channels like ATSC,NTSC,QAM

Networking:This desktop fairly comes with wireless network card than HPE 510 t series don’t exists.Their is also realtek LAN card of 10/100 M10/100 MBPS.Even the wireless can give data transfer very fast at a speed up to 300 MBPS and it operates at 2.4 GHZ.
Saving data is another important thing in this world and this HP has provided 1.5 TB hard drive and this is very big one to save more movies and music.For playing from external devices the CPU has blu ray disc drive where you can play more music discs.Their is an 15 in 1 card reader and this helps a lot other devices to be connected rather than using more hooks.
Power supply is 300watts with ATX cabinet and in this cabinet the front ports have USB ,headphone,microphone,s-video,composite video,stereo left or right.and all of this one nos only.Their is remote control for playing music like TV and videos and compatible with the windows media player.