The Best VPN To Access Favorite Streaming Sites

Streaming TV shows and films have become the popular entertainment fad of this generation. Because of the rise of portable technology, the on-demand strategy became a global hit and is showing no signs of slowing down, as millions of customers worldwide has signed-up for a Netflix subscription. On-demand streaming has changed our society for good that most people can’t imagine living without it.

Virtual Private Network
Virtual Private Network Source – Pinterest

However, in some parts of the world, that is indeed the case. Their government prohibits access to streaming services, especially those from overseas providers. That’s why some turn to virtual private networks (VPN) so they can bypass the censorship systems at their location and stream. [Read more…]

How to Download Facebook Videos

Facebook is one top social networking site for sharing videos and funny things. Few of the people like to download some funny or interested videos to watch later.

People always look for a download button and most of them doesn’t know how to get the link for downloading video from Facebook, for this reason sake I am writing the article here. [Read more…]