27 Watts 5500K bulb

27 Watts 5500K Color corrected Day Light Fluorescent Lamp Photo Bulb - 2 Pack

Every Digital Camera needs a decent amount of light for taking pictures.This is a 27 watts fluorescent bulb which gives more light and saves energy while compare to ordinary bulbs.This fluorescent bulb measured a full spectrum color of 90 Cri at 1800 lumens and emulates with soft daylight.

This lamp has more than 10,000 hours recycle.This lamp may used on several occasions such as parties,birthdays,functions etc to take bright pictures.It can also be used in homes for saving energy.

This lamp is mainly ideal for all Tungsten continous lighting .this lamp may cost to you $21 for one bulb at your near local retail stores but you may buy online on the internet for low price through promo code.This is limited time offer so come and buy as long as the stocks available or the price will go up.