Neoprene Holster Case with Tripod

Neoprene Holster Case with Tripod and Cleaning Kit for Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Fuji, Sony and Olympus Digital SLR Cameras

Digital SLR Camera Cleaning Kit comes with 6 piece of lens.The kit also comes with deluxe camera tripoid and carrying case.The case can be used for carrying and even it will helps protection for camera and lcd screen.If you don’t have this kit then your camera would struggle or damage at any time since this kit helps in various types of protection.

The SOFT HOLSTER POUCH DIGITAL can help for carrying while traveling since this case is very good and fits cameras in measuring of size 6H x 6W x 4.5D.5u4 the diameter of lens is 3.25 * 4.5 length.this is truly stiched by the tailor which is more easy for protection to camera than those large bag.It surely fit to all those cameras in the size of Digital camera bag however you can even try and see in the shops.It has Easy-access neoprene cases fit most film and digital Camera.Great for use in the field as the case closes around the neck strap so that the neck strap is still usable for taking can buy it online and shipping, handling depends upon your location.If you need more information then find on amazon or see our image.