Aspire Timeline 3810T

Most people needed long hour battery for computing for this acer has developed a new laptop timeline 3810T which comes for 8 hour duration for the whole day ultra weight and highly designed for the best price.The biggest thing in the laptop is longer duration of 8 hours acer is the first company had taken this big advantage.this is good for those who roams all the day in cars trains buses etc.acer comfy technology has made it to cool the processor and notebook.


main features:First in laptops which is 8 hours power longer to compute all the day.It saves the energy of power comparing to other laptops.The notebook wieghs only under 2 kgs and thin 1″ for easy to carry.Acer Timeline comes with easy touch pad easy keys to launch multimedia ODD keys,backup recovery tools for better managing laptop.It is covered with the chic aluminum chassis .

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