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Mobile devices faithful – Technology – our cell phones, smartphones, tablets and laptopsare radically changing our behavior. A recent investigation of Intel Corporation,mobile users feel anxious or stressed when traveling without their equipment. Worse,the tension increases, in the absence of sources of energy to recharge your terminal.Addicts, enthusiasts of new technologies, the geeks. The playoffs don’t miss. It’s a fact: the majority of the population cannot live without a connection by hand. It is obvious that should not darken the image, but according to Intel figures 44% of Americans don’t agree feel good, if you travel without mobile devices. Mobile devices faithful – Technology

Going on vacation to relax, to not enough, since it is apparently now the access to technology that relaxes. The analysis will tell you that there are in some cases, “an emotional connection“ between man and technology.

mobile faithful technology
mobile faithful technology

The sense of priorities
If general lack affects one in two young people, the ratio is much more impressive. In fact, 87% of 18-29 years of age report feeling happier when you travel with your mobile device. Usual or even a reflection? It does not specify. However, the companyextracts some observations for the least worrisome:

77% of travellers are “married“ to your computer, and the fact of losing would bemore stressful than lose their Alliance.

Half the tourists are close to losing in comfort, rather than to have an electrical outletnearby to keep the batteries charged. This means sitting down, looking for toilets,cafe or restaurant only to find an energy source. 64% of respondents would sacrifice their personal hygiene, abandoning a hairdryer, cosmetics, hygiene products, to do a little more space in your luggage for your mobile device.

Six out of ten consider your computer or mobile device as a fashion accessory.
At 66%, the black beast of tourists is lose or be stolen your computer, cell phone or tablet. Finally great contradiction: even though all these fears, 26% of users don’t take precautions to secure your data. The use of Wi-Fi networks or unsafe bankingpayments, unattended. In short, cautious, but not paranoid, while traveling.

The authors of the research, there’s no more adventures where disconnects all. Today, users looking to keep in touch wherever you go to share their experiences.Unfortunately (or not) is no longer the old a game card for check in a tweet, or a photo on Instagram. And you for the holidays, you plan to cut all communications? -Mobile faithful-Technology

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