How to stop Linkedin sending out invitation emails

I began to use Linked in to promote my services, but Linkedin it itself promote their products and services to my contacts. This is wired thing that has been burning out with these pointless social media sites.

I accidently clicked or blindly import contacts form Gmail and that was once, but this Linkedin send out Emails until the invitation is accepted by other user.

I don’t know much about cancellation and stop the sending out invitations. At the end got this solution for revoking in Gmail. This may stop, but not sure how long it will and when this will be removed from their feature.  I want there shouldn’t be any import system in social media sites, as we all use private contacts for business.

The only one method is Revoking under Gmail, but I need to stop all those spam invitations to my friends. This Linkedin should learn a lesson else I could delete my account forever. If you want to stop sending invitations to your Gmail contacts, then please use this link to revoke Linkedin.

Linkedin charges money for using paid services unlike Twitter and Facebook are for free and without support means they are the worse social media site than these two.

Linkedin still needs to understand about the user requirement, permissions that are granted by the user. I might think in coming months to leave this Linkedin.

Be careful on Social Media sites from hackers and scammers as recently my Facebook account was used by other person.


  1. nice post suresh. i’m get overhelmed with some kinda notification linkedin send to me. i’ve figured out ways to option out but not way. you can only opted out of the newsletters but will still be recieving promotional mails. thanks for the post.

  2. Hi thanks,
    I am not saying about the promotional or any mails, as Linkedin it itself sending invitations to join from Gmail list.
    Why Linkedin wants to grow with grabbing others data without asking permission. Facebook also use abusive codes to hijack users data. FBI never raids these social media sites to arrest them or make a penalty.

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