Desktop Board Intel DP55KG

This is the newest product from Intel.This desktop is very attractive for users those who are looking for gaming,graphics Bluetooth Nvidia.Graphics is most important for everyone and this new motherbard has great features with great performance.
new intel
Processor :Since the product launch the new mother board supports for intel Intel® Core™ i7-800 processor series in an LGA1156 socket or Intel® Core™ i5-700 processor series in an LGA1156 socket.both the processors are supported but in future new processors would come and it may also be supported but please check the item before inserting into motherboards.
Form factor : Dp55kg supports for ATX form factor and this days all comes with only ATX form factors.
Memory :This new dp55kg motherboard supports upto 16 gb of memory.It has 4 dual inline of 240 pin of slots that will be useful to insert memory cards.As fr the asus it has 24 gb memory of limit .It means an extra of 8 gb memory expandable.
Networking:Lan is very important and every motherbard is came with LAN attachments.This new Dp55kg comes with LAN 10/100/10000 Ethernet can connect high speed internet connections for faster downloading or uploading files.
Chipset:Intel P55 Express chipset you can read more about this by clicking the link.
Audio : Intel high definition audio system with more configurations.It comes with 10 channels (7.1 plus 2 independant Multistreaming audio) This has been built with 5 analog output audio with two input opticals using the realtek high definition audio.

Videos : This new destop mother board which has nvidia and ATI crossfire technology supports s two graphics cards to work together for ultimate 3D gaming performance and visual quality.This the latest and newest method to beat the performance.
More features :
Usb : Their 13 usb ports so you no need to remove all the time to replace another one.Their are 8 external ports which are connected to pc either front or back side.2 are in internal and one is onboard for attachments inside PC.
This has been integrated with bluetooth for using wireless products such as cell phones internet camera.
this consumes with IR receiver and emitter from internal header.

As i suggest before buying this product think for your self as for your requirements and useful.