How to stop Linkedin sending out invitation emails

I began to use Linked in to promote my services, but Linkedin it itself promote their products and services to my contacts. This is wired thing that has been burning out with these pointless social media sites.

I accidently clicked or blindly import contacts form Gmail and that was once, but this Linkedin send out Emails until the invitation is accepted by other user.

I don’t know much about cancellation and stop the sending out invitations. At the end got this solution for revoking in Gmail. This may stop, but not sure how long it will and when this will be removed from their feature.  I want there shouldn’t be any import system in social media sites, as we all use private contacts for business. [Read more…]

How To Remove Unfollowers on Google Plus

I am seeing a lot of people who don’t follow me back at all and days have been passed to increase my followers rate, but these un-followers make no sense to the new followers. Cleaning to these un-followers gang will help us to increase more followers.

Twitter has great online tools to increase follower rate, but Google plus don’t have many tools because of people don’t use much Google Plus in the past.

I always want higher rate in followers, but Google plus is the one lower rate. An example currently I follow 280 people and only 75 are following me back, that’s a large number of people are not following back. [Read more…]

My Achievements From The Last Month

I wasn’t enthusiastic about writing a blog, currently for the cash have to modify lifestyle, by intriguing with other blog writers learn’t so  many instruction from them, how to enhance blog.

It is not difficult to become pro blogger unless we have some information to do, my blog has been over 5 years with only few content because of having personal issues.

Webmastertool Queries

Webmastertools Queries

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How to Draw Arrows in Photoshop using line tool

Photoshop is highly effective application for modifying images, and illustrating anything with this application is possible. I was using Ms Paint until now to modify pictures and anything, but it doesn’t come with all the resources.

Best and Easy method to do fast.

1. In the toolbox click the Rectangle tool and once did select the line tool. [Read more…]

Top 5 Free Online Plagiarism Checker Websites

When it comes to blogging, plagiarism should always be prevented because, if you post any form of duplicate material on your website, then Google will force down your website in search results and you may lose plenty of traffic and reliability as well. The problem of duplicated material is popular in those blogs where Guest posts are accepted. To avoid any such problem, you must examine the presented material for plagiarism. To help you with that, here I bring some of the best tools to check duplicate content. [Read more…]