Great Domains for Sale at Kingged Marketplace

I’ve been a member more than 6 months  here at kingged to promote my blog, and the site is built for promoting selling domains, etc. The owner had listed 30 plus great domains for sale in the Kingged marketplace, please check out them if you are interested any of them.

1. BlogsTheme.Com
PR 3
DA 36
TF 20
CF 24
age – at least 7 years old
backlinks – at least 633,534 backlinks
referring domains – at least 1,498 domains
referring IPs – least 1,151 IPs

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How does Facebook Become Scambook

Facebook is a Dangerous  that doesn’t even had a support system, please read the story that has occurred with me.

I joined Facebook in 2005 for promoting my sites, but not friendship, chatting,  just used for bookmarking in those days. My profile link was Pagerank 4 in the next three years as I tested at that time.

In the year 2009 I left developing domain  business due to family reasons.  Ive even bought more than 100 domains before the death of my brother. After the death of my brother started to run my brother business, however lost so much money for running his business. [Read more…]

How to Remove Twitter from Facebook

I thought in the past that if we attach to each other than the juice of social media is good. However it is more annoying than what I thought.

Never combine social network accounts with each other, as they give so many problems adding this Twitter to Facebook

Here are some important steps to follow in Facebook. [Read more…]

Top 10 tools to create an Infographic easily

Content marketing is impressive method to promote a product, but Infographic also make sense for us. It gives more attraction to the readers, while content just gives some impression. Making a right Infographic shall improves your blog or company. These are some top 10 Infographic tools where we create easily.

1. What About Me?

This App is made by Intel Corporation as it stands for the worlds no 1 App in creating about me Infographic. This App provides simple tools and looks as a flower, we just need to drag and drop. This App makes about me Infographic with multiple colors, pictures, design. [Read more…]

3 Free Tools to Increase Your Twitter Exposure

Twitter is the best social media site for me and it is showing more good things for my sites also business too. Twitter is quiet place and the users are too active to ask questions, make friendships, etc, but the thing is that we don’t have friends list or groups method. Still likes to promote my business on Twitter by making good friendship with others.

In the past I seen most traffic came from Twitter and some of the posts ranked in Google better than my blog links. I don’t know how it achieved, but that articles are re-tweeted by genuine twitter users. Seeing this it makes me more passion on Social Media to use. [Read more…]