Google Sponsored ad Scam

Does Google cheats Buyer?

I’ve been searching to buy a mobile of Intex Aqua I 14, but so many sellers are offering from a range of price 7090 to 8000 INR. I tried on several online stores and most of them displaying high price than the company price.

Google or the advertiser looks like a cheater to me because adverts are showing the mobile price is Rs 7090, but when I clicked it asks to pay Rs 7990. Is this is a new trick of Google or the snap deal to loot buyers? Read more about Does Google cheats Buyer?

Mobile phones in UK

Mobile Services in Britain befitting the needs of all and sundry

As per recent research reports, mobile commerce in Britain has met a good deal of success in the last few years and this year is likely to be no different. UK consumers are mobile freaks and are constantly on the lookout for ways and means to increase their knowledge about the several products and applications while using their cellphones. As people have become more wary about the indispensability of these wireless gadgets, the demand has risen to such a level that it cannot be ignored any longer. Read more about Mobile Services in Britain befitting the needs of all and sundry

Ego App

Top 5 Seo Apps for managing Websites

Android and Tablets are the latest technology computers, Today anywhere on the road we see someone was using a tablet or android for browsing Internet or chatting. I still haven’t bought any tablet, but looking to buy an android for my website’s maintenance. I’ve thought to research some best application for SEO and analyzing website. I am familiar using through PC and laptop, but not from Android, Mobile or Tablets.

Some of the best Applications that were using by other people and heard good reviews from them. These are the ones we should have in our tablet or mobile if we own website. Read more about Top 5 Seo Apps for managing Websites

VLC player for IOS

VLC Player has launched for IOS in Version 2.0.1

VLC media player is the top usage by media lovers, and it is also a popular company in the world. According to the newest technology VLC had released they’re new IOS app of version 2.0.1 and the app is compatible with Ipad and Iphone devices. This new version is under GNU and open source and from the past issues VLC company had come up with both ways of open source and Mozilla public license.

VLC player for IOS
VLC player for IOS

This new Video Lan Player also works on Windows 8 and supports multi language for different countries. This app is still under development and just made the screenshots how the player works. Hope Ipad’s should be the life in the future. Read more about VLC Player has launched for IOS in Version 2.0.1